Welcome to Bail Enforcement Training School. We are a training school unlike anything you will ever encounter around the state of Washington. We specialize in providing prospective Bail Enforcement Agents otherwise known as Bounty Hunters the training that they require to get their Washington Bail Bond Recovery Agent license issued in Washington state. If you have been thinking about becoming a Bounty Hunter in Washington or Idaho you should contact us and see what it will take to get started. In our training you will under go intense hands on training that we can assure you no other class or training location conducts. Not all training is equal, contact us today or sign up today for your class.

When you complete our Washington State Approved 32 hour classroom training to become a Bail Enforcement Agent you will have the basic knowledge of how this industry works and the certifications you need to get started in the field making money and tracking down Criminal Fugitive Defendants who are out on bond with a Bail Bond Company.

Certified Bail Bond Recovery Agent Training Registration

All bail bond recovery agents must…

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Be a United States citizen or resident alien.
  • Have no criminal convictions that directly relate to their ability to perform the duties of a bail bond recovery agent or that hinders public safety.
  • Have a high school diploma, GED, or proof of 3 years’ experience in the bail industry.
  • Have a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) at the time of application to the state.
  • Students should have good transportation, flexible availability, and most importantly be supported by family.

Our class covers the following topics the required 32 hours of training as required by Washington state law. This includes the following topics. 

  • WA State Civil and Criminal Law Training = 4 hour course
  • OC Spray Training = 4 hour course
  • Expandable Baton Training = 4 hour course
  • Conducted Energy Weapon (Taser) Training = 4 hour course 
  • Practical and Tactical Handcuff Training = 4 hour course
  • Basic Defensive Tactics Training = 3 hour course
  • Building Search and Entry Training = 9 hour course

Upon Completion of the 32 hours class room training you will progress to the 8 hour Criminal Justice Training Commision instruction on day 4 this covers your required classroom time and then your range time for qualification with your weapon.

Safety equipment required for this job is as follows: NOT REQUIRED TO ATTEND CLASS.

  • Level IIIa body armor
  • Duty belt
  • Level II or III retention holster (Black Hawk Serpa Holsters are NOT ALLOWED)
  • Dual magazine pouch
  • Black boots
  • 2 Flashlights
  • 2 pairs of handcuffs & pouch(s)
  • Radio holder
  • Duty Firearm (9mm, .40,.45)
  • 3 Magazines

If you are interested in attending our course please click on the link for class registration below